Digitization of processes

Automate your manual and time-consuming beneficiary control processes

From automation to innovation

For many people, digitizing business processes boils down to dematerializing company documents. But that’s not all.

It is also, and above all, a skillful blend of productivity and security that should benefit the company’s customers and employees. Internally, it saves considerable time, facilitates employee interactions, and reduces production costs: above all, it is part of an existing process that needs to be optimized and made more reliable.


Save two hours on your controls


Instant results for faster execution


Focus on higher added value tasks

To go further, digitizing business processes, and in particular, the finance function, requires to consider the entire payment chain.

Automating and digitizing the payment chain means that employees can move from manual checks to simple, rapid verification of the bank details of the company’s beneficiaries without leaving their business application.

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Check bank details in real time

Save time and run regular mass checks to ensure that your database is healthy and secure. In case of doubt, check the information of your third parties when creating or modifying data.

In the blink of an eye

Integrate the solution within your business tools

Speed up the process for your users, from their working environment. Save time by eliminating tedious and time-consuming verification tasks, and help combat financial fraud.