Automation and digitalization of business processes

Accelerate your end-to-end digital transformation

Process automation

To assert their position on the market, to be more efficient, modern but also to gain competitiveness, most companies have turned to digital transformation and are adopting new technologies.

Beyond the technological aspect, this digitalization requires a rethinking of the way the company works, its practices, its working methods and its processes.

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The challenges of digitalizing business processes:

  • The mandatory adaptation to the demands of an ever-changing market

  • The success of driving change

  • A return to fundamentals and a company’s core business

  • Competitiveness

Business process automation expands the possibilities of your IS and its applications to process and efficiently analyze the exponential volume of data in real time.

Automation has an impact on the company’s usual methods. It allows the removal of manual, time-consuming and repetitive tasks, and saves productivity, time and safety. To stay ahead of fast-growing markets, automation is now essential. Digitalization requires a fresh start and an overhaul of the existing processes within the IS in order to optimize them.

From automation to innovation

For many, the digitalization of business processes boils down to dematerializing corporate documents. True, but there is more to it than that…

It is above all a clever mix of productivity and safety that must benefit the company’s customers but also its employees. Internally, it saves considerable time, facilitates interactions between employees and reduces production costs: it is mainly integrated with an already existing process that needs to be optimized and more reliable.

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Among the numerous benefits of enterprise digitalization:

  • Automation of tedious and time-consuming tasks

  • Acceleration of execution

  • Focus on higher value-added tasks

  • Increased efficiency

  • Improved working conditions

To take it a step further, digitalizing business processes and specifically the finance function means reconsidering the entire process chain, especially that of Purchase-to-Pay.

Automating and digitalizing the Purchase-to-Pay process allows employees to free themselves from manually controlling the validation processes of third party bank details, all without exiting their business application.

Automating payment data security

To combat fraud and secure corporate payment data, there are various solutions to authenticate and secure, with company identifiers and bank details, in France and internationally.

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Thanks to Sis Inside, security checks are done directly from business applications, for easy and faster handling.


With My Sis ID, security checks are carried out via a SaaS platform to allow you to perform your checks with just a few clicks

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