Sis ID ecosystem

A collective action to fight Authorized Push Payment Fraud

An ecosystem committed to the fight against fraud

Fighting bank fraud, a collective success story

With Sis ID, the fight against bank fraud is collective. Together customers, partners, suppliers and the entire Sis ID network are committed to a trusted third party to thwart fraud attempts.

Thanks to them, the Sis ID community has grown and evolved to guarantee the excellence of our solutions and maintain the same level of our service quality to each of our users.


Strategics & technological partnerships

Security, innovation & collective performance


Excellence: Sis ID’s motto since the beginning. It is indeed this quest for excellence that fuels our strategic and technological choices to guarantee our customers flawless security and advanced integration with the solutions of the major market players.

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas & Sis ID, the partnership for a changing world!

In 2020, BNP Paribas & Sis ID accelerated the fight against Authorized Push Payment Fraud and joined forces to offer their customers the most comprehensive and robust solution for securing end-to-end payment data.

Easy to use and implement, the solution they propose has now paved the way for international markets to enable companies to validate all their third party bank details in France and the rest of the world.

  • Automated bank transaction controls
  • Enhanced security at every stage of the Purchase-to-Pay process
  • Integration with business applications

The picture is clear: Together we are stronger!

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Think Bigger!

Because the security of the My Sis ID platform is a priority, data is hosted in the IBM Cloud® to take advantage of all the power, agility and reliability of IBM technologies.

This partnership, which has been in place with IBM since the platform’s inception, reinforces both our capacity for innovation and the development of advanced data processing features and the use of Artificial Intelligence to serve our users.

With IBM, Sis ID makes the Purchase-to-Pay processes of thousands of companies worldwide sustainable.

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With SMA Assurances, Sis ID is building your future!

Because the security of your payment data is our responsibility, SMA Assurances and Sis ID have jointly developed a tailor-made financial guarantee, specifically developed for the use of Sis ID solutions.

Involved in the development of the My Sis ID platform from the outset and “Early Adopter” of the platform to secure its own supplier payments, SMA Assurances offers a complementary offer to your traditional cybercrime insurance contract to cover the risk of fraud when using Sis ID solutions.

SMA Assurances for Sis ID is the guarantee of a tailor-made financial loss insurance, adapted to your needs.

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The FinTech universe

Awards & Digital Innovations for Finance

FinTechs is changing the world of banking by providing services that combine technology and finance.

By contributing to the R&D and innovation ecosystem and by joining the finance communities and reference organizations, Sis ID continuously tests its capacity for innovation and actively participates in the reshaping of the finance sector.

The awards we’ve obtained are rewards of our technological commitment in the fight against fraud.

Together we are stronger!


The Association of Finance Professions

Rhône-Alpes region leadership – Creation of the working group “Securing banking data”

Horizon 2020

Research & Innovation in Europe

European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program

Finance Innovation

The Fintech

Winner of the Fintech label, Innovation category: Best projects in French industry Banking Finance Insurance


Digital Innovation Competition

Winner of the Digital Innovation Contest, a support device for excellence in digital technology