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Collaborative innovation for smart automation

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Today more than ever, automation is a major challenge for finance departments seeking operational excellence in an increasingly complex economic environment.

However, finance departments are not the most advanced when it comes to automating their processes. The adoption of artificial intelligence, big data and robotics technologies, are central to discussions.

While the use of these technologies allows companies to significantly reduce repetitive and manual, error-prone tasks, they are not enough to fight fraud.

The operating methods and technologies used by fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated in order to deceive companies.

Intelligent automation, the backbone of the finance department

Going beyond simple automation, Sis ID has developed a technology that combines Intelligent Automation and Collaborative Innovation to meet the growing need for cybersecurity and to fight fraud effectively and collectively.
By combining these two approaches, automation goes beyond removing low-value-added tasks and avoids any disruption in the Puchase-to-Pay process linked to human intervention.

From assisted intelligence to autonomous intelligence.

The adoption of AI involves many changes in order to coexist with humans and increase productivity. The embedded AI in the My Sis ID platform combines many technologies to resemble a form of human intelligence.

  • Learning new concepts
  • Learning new tasks
  • Exploitation of data
  • Understanding natural languages

An integral technology in the field of AI, Machine Learning makes the program robust and autonomous, capable of making decisions.

In addition to pre-defined business rules, its autonomy relies on data analysis, learning and training to continuously improve predictive capabilities.

The My Sis ID platform relies on these two technologies to embed a powerful self-learning model.

By combining natural language processing algorithms with multi-technology controls, Artificial Intelligence acquires powerful features to connect words and language concepts.

To secure access and data processing on the platform, we use multi-technology controls:

  • The analysis of typing dynamics. It allows the platform to identify users through the way they write on the keyboard
  • SMS authentication, multiplying external control tools
  • Geolocation to enhance the security of each user

Collaborative innovation to boost automation technologies

In Financial Departments, using automation technologies significantly reduces human error on time-consuming, low-value-added tasks to secure controls for each step of the Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process.

But automation, however intelligent, is not enough to thwart multiple fraud attempts by fraudsters whose operating methods improve daily.

Going beyond automation, the mutualization of data and payment history is a considerable asset to draw on the experience of thousands of companies and effectively protect against bank fraud.

To enable companies to safely share their experiences using unalterable data, the use of Big Data technologies and hosting in a Blockchain are inseparable.

My Sis ID platform data is stored in the IBM cloud in France and Germany to ensure robust and proven technology for our customers.

By mutualizing their payment data, our customers are teaming up to make the fight against fraud collective.

With My Sis ID, each company relies on huge amounts of hashed and anonymized data.

Sis Certified accreditation is the best guarantee of compliance of your third parties’ data, at scale to secure your banking transactions.

With My Sis ID, you have business expertise to thwart fraud attempts.

Now more than ever, finance process automation must be intelligent and collective!

Together we are stronger!

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