Free your technical function from the risk of fraud and operate with complete peace of mind

What if you no longer had to worry about fraud?


Its objectives :

  • Staying informed about current affairs and cyber issues to prevent risks

  • Efficiently securing the information system

  • Communicate easily and quickly with your teams/collaborators

Back office manager

Its objectives :

  • Securing the company’s financial transactions

  • Guarantee the authenticity of the data required for payments

  • Anticipate potential risks by actively monitoring the market


Its objectives :

  • Early detection of risks that could threaten the project and its development

  • Manage project deadlines

  • Ensuring payment to the right beneficiary on time

Sis ID, the essential solution for the Technical Function

Secure all your financial transactions

  • Carry out checks at any time

  • Get reliable results quickly and easily

  • Carry out your financial transactions with complete peace of mind

Authenticate your database

  • Continuously check your beneficiaries’ bank details at every stage of the payment chain

  • Control international payment data with peace of mind

  • Simplify verification by strengthening control processes

Streamline your payment processes

  • Manage and monitor accounts in real-time from a single audit area

  • Send and receive your payments on time

  • Eliminate manual processing errors with an automated approach to bank account verification

Sis ID, the right solution for your business

For the function


Do you want to free yourself from the risk of fraud and relieve your teams?

For the function

Risk & Compliance

Do you want to protect yourself against fraud and improve your performance?

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