The customer’s voice

Our customers are our best ambassadors for sharing their experience with Sis ID

24 million

checks carried out on the platform

40 000

certified bank details

33 million

of mutualised transactions

42 000

platform users

Our customers are our best asset!

Would you like to talk to a customer without an intermediary?

Because we have a special relationship with each and every one of them, our customers are now our best ambassadors, ready to share their experience and the way they use Sis ID solutions with you in complete transparency.

A few words from Aldès

200% faster verification

“The platform has given us greater reliability, time, and comfort…
Previously, the verification of transfer orders and suppliers was carried out at the end of the month and took several days. Now it only takes 2 hours.

A few words from ERI

Better visibility & control

“In the current climate of cybercrime, this helps to reassure shareholders, management, our teams, and supplier accounting. The very high rate of green results on Sis ID gives our teams peace of mind.”

A few words from VINCI Construction France

350K€ saved

“The teams have really become aware of their role in the validation procedures. They now play a key role in ensuring the security of controls.”