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Risk & Compliance function

Sis ID simplifies your control processes throughout the payment chain without overburdening your teams.

  • 41% of companies consider reputational impact to be one of the main consequences of a cyber attack
  • Identity theft attacks are becoming the most costly cyberthreat
  • 61% of ISSMs believe that the human factor is their company’s main vulnerability

Sis ID, the essential solution for the Risk and Compliance function

Financial fraud constitutes a significant threat for the reputation of companies. The techniques used by fraudsters are evolving rapidly and becoming increasingly difficult to detect. It is imperative for the Compliance function to integrate this risk into its control processes. Find out how Sis ID simplifies your verifications for all your payments.

Identify your fraud risks

  • Simplify the identification of your fraud risks and update your risk assessment mapping
  • Gain a comprehensive and centralized view of the risks associated with your financial flows
  • Simplify your decision-making with a directly interpretable score and detailed reasons for each of your verifications

Master your risks throughout the payment chain

  • Enhance your risk management policy by directly detecting fraud attempts
  • Automate verifications within your business tools using Sis Inside add-ons
  • Optimize your insurance policies with a unique financial loss coverage in Europe included in the Sis ID Premium subscription

Simplify the traceability of your operations

  • Keep a record of the checks performed on Sis ID and export them with a single click
  • Evaluate immediately the effectiveness of your risk management policy and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Facilitate the creation of your audit trails with a timestamped certificate associated with each of your checks

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