Free your risk and compliance function from the risk of fraud and operate with complete peace of mind

What if you no longer had to worry about fraud?

Internal Control Department

Its objectives :

  • Secure all internal processes

  • Managing and preventing cyber fraud risks

  • Ensure that internal processes comply with regulations

Purchasing Department

Its objectives :

  • Identify suppliers to ensure a healthy third-party base

  • Make sure you pay the right beneficiary on time

  • Ensuring the continuous improvement and fluidity of the payment chain.

Risk & Compliance Department

Its objectives :

  • Guarantee secure processes within the company

  • Manage all risks, including financial and cyber risks

  • Bringing processes into line with regulations

Sis ID, the essential solution for the Risk and Compliance Function

Prevent the risk of fraud and non-compliance

  • Be informed of risks in real-time and carry out rapid, reliable checks

  • Get an immediate, detailed, enhanced, and certified response to streamline your processes

  • Simplify and secure the verification process

Ensure the quality and conformity of your data

  • Strengthen internal control processes

  • Carry out ongoing checks on your beneficiaries’ data

  • Make sure you pay the right beneficiary, on time

Gain time and peace of mind with process automation

  • Reduce the risk of fraud and error

  • Reduced implementation time

  • Simplify the compliance of your processes

Sis ID, the right solution for your business

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Do you want to free yourself from the risk of fraud and relieve your teams?

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