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Sis ID secures your payments and protects you against fraud

  • 100% response to your checks
  • 96 hours freed up on average each month on your verifications
  • 50, 000€ is the average amount of a fake supplier fraud

Sis ID, the essential solution for the Finance Function

By providing an instant response on the match between a beneficiary and bank details, Sis ID enables you to base your payment decisions on correct and up-to-date data, while limiting your verification procedures.

Reduce the risks of payment fraud before making a payment

  • Access the My Sis ID platform at any time
  • Get immediate, detailed, consolidated and certified answers to simplify your payment decisions
  • Guarantee that your invoices are compliant

Respect your payment conditions and make your P2P chain more efficient

  • Reduce your payment delays thanks to the continuous verification of your payees’ information
  • With instant payment, make your data reliable at the time of the transaction and limit your remedial actions

  • Automate checks directly in your business tools using Sis Inside add-ons and connectors

Meet your compliance obligations

  • The input data of your controls are automatically enhanced with high added-value information to improve the reliability of your third-party records (full identity, legal events, financial health, banking establishment, etc.)
  • Optimize your risk management policy with a unique financial loss insurance in Europe included in the Sis Premium subscription
  • Track in real-time the progress of your checks, invitations, and accreditations through a dedicated reporting space on My Sis ID

Sis ID, the right solution for your business

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