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Human Resources

Sis ID simplifies the verification of your employees’ information to secure the payment of salaries and expense reports

  • 70% of security breaches directly involve employees
  • €4,300 is the average amount observed for a fake employee fraud
  • 48% of defrauded amounts are due to social engineering

Sis ID, an essential solution for the Human Resources Department

Manage your risks of fake employee fraud

Attempts of fake employee fraud (or payroll diversion scam) are on the rise. Free your teams from this threat and secure your payments.

  • Verify the validity of your employees’ bank details during the onboarding phase
  • Foil attempts of fake employee fraud when there is a request to modify bank details
  • Make your beneficiary database reliable to secure payments to your employees

Ensure compliance of your payments

Ensure compliance with your due diligence obligation by ensuring that salaries and expense claims for your employees are deposited into bank accounts owned by them legitimately.

Seamlessly integrate Sis ID into your business tools

  • Your anti-fraud shield at the heart of your information system
  • A 100% customizable approach thanks to our standard connectors or customized integration
  • Make it easy for your users to get started

Sis ID, the right solution for your business

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