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Security & Information Management

Sis ID enhances the reliability of your third-party repositories to streamline and secure your payments.

  • 6 out of 10 businesses that have experienced an attack saw a direct impact on their operations
  • 1 in 5 businesses has been subjected to more than 5 attacks
  • On average, there are 1.8 cyberattacks per company per year

Sis ID, the essential solution for the Security & Information Management Function

The volume of information that businesses must handle is continually increasing and evolving, necessitating ongoing reliability of business reference data. This holds true for your payment beneficiary references as well. Beyond extending your payment processing times and the remediation efforts of your teams, unreliable bank account reference data significantly increases your company’s fraud risks. Discover how Sis ID secures your payments by enabling your operators to base their decisions on accurate, up-to-date data certified by an anti-fraud expert.

Ensure the reliability of your data repositories right from the third-party onboarding phase

  • Ensure the quality of your business databases right from the onboarding of your business partners by checking the validity of their payment informations
  • Simplify the qualification of your business repositories thanks to automatic legal enrichment of your input data (legal identification, financial health, banking establishment, etc.)
  • Transfer identity certification of your third parties to an anti-fraud expert to limit the actions of your operational staff on critical data

Keep your data secure and reliable

  • Identify in real time the correct, incorrect, or potentially questionable data. Detailed reasons associated with each score simplify your remediation actions on the data that needs correction
  • Control the evolution of your beneficiary repository (bank changes, closures of establishments, new beneficiaries…) through continuous verification of your information
  • At any time, obtain a unified and centralized view of the quality of your payee repository across all your business areas from the My Sis ID platform

Seamlessly integrate Sis ID into your business tools

  • Your anti-fraud shield at the heart of your information system
  • A 100% customizable approach thanks to our standard connectors or customized integration
  • Make it easy for your users to get started

Sis ID, the right solution for your business

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