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Our mission at Sis ID is to support all our users in the fight against fraud. Whether in direct contact or behind a keyboard, we are committed to raising awareness and protecting against financial fraud.

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International Sales Account Manager

“I really like the product, which I think is more than necessary, given the current context. Then I’m given autonomy to be a force of proposal and for my organization. I can adapt it as best as possible to my needs and my personal functioning.”


Customer Support Agent

“There’s a very good atmosphere and a strong team spirit, staff are caring and considerate of each other. There are real values of integrity and honesty, plus there’s always food in the break room!”



“I really like the working atmosphere; we’re all very demanding, but we’re also very supportive and caring. As far as the fight against fraud is concerned, I really feel that, in my own small way, I’m helping to protect our users from this plague.”


Customer Success Manager

“I started with an internship in the support division. Today I’m a Customer Succes Manager on a permanent contract. So I feel considered and listened to, we’re included in the company’s evolution.”


Hugo Henry, Content Manager

Laurent Sarrat, CEO & co-founder

Camille Godard, Customer Success Manager