Kyriba provides its customers with SIS ID’s fraud risk management application

Sis ID is the first fintech to launch its application as part of Kyriba’s open-API project

Paris, December 8th, 2021 – Kyriba, one of the global leaders in cloud IT and financial solutions and Sis ID, a French fintech that helps businesses fight against fraudulent wire transfers, announce the provision of Sis ID’s fraud risk management application on the Kyriba platform.

Existing Kyriba platform customers will now have access to the Sis ID application without the need for more coding, thanks to an integration made by open-API. They will have access to all the features of the application that will enable them to secure their payments at each step of the Purchase-to-Pay processes, using the application developed by Sis ID to control the match between companies and banking address. As part of this partnership, the generation of payment files checked by the Sis Inside add-on will be performed from the Kyriba platform. This will make it possible to comply with each customer’s payment standards.

According to Guillaume Metman, VP Product, Payments, Kyriba,Payment security is a major challenge for businesses, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. Sis ID has been able to demonstrate that its offerings are complementary to Kyriba’s own activities in cash management and in particular risk hedging. We are very happy with this partnership. It complements our fraud detection offerings to help our clients secure their payments. ”

According to Laurent Sarrat, CEO, Sis ID, “We are satisfied with this partnership with Kyriba. It enables us to be visible in Kyriba’s global ecosystem and enables their business customers to benefit from our security skills, without the need for specific coding.

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Roquette Group Success Story

Roquette uses Kyriba as Treasury Management System and Sis ID over its entire Purchase-to-Pay workflow from the creation of a vendor file to payment. The company, which specializes in plant-based ingredients and is a pioneer in the search for new plant proteins, was looking for a solution to enhance the security of its payments in a global market affected by ever-increasing and ever-sophisticated fraud attempts.

Roquette uses the various control features developed as part of the partnership between Kyriba and Sis ID.  They allow to validate the company identifier / bank details couple, and complete Roquette’s security process.

According to Céline Baudry, Head of Treasury Systems & Processes and Treasury Internal Control, Roquette, “This initiative allows us to directly access the functionalities of Sis ID in the Kyriba platform without any specific development. These controls are part of our global approach to secure payments, reinforce it and participate to fight the risks related to fraud and cybercrime “.

It is the first signing since the roll-out of Kyriba’s Open API in September 2021. The aim of the Open API platform is to speed up innovation in financial management applications and provide Kyriba Customers with technical solutions that can be used as built-in components.

According to Félix Grévy, VP Product, Open API and Connectivity, Kyriba, “This first signing, achieved one month after the launch of the platform solidify our open innovation approach. We are confident in its future and we urge all the start-ups wishing to do so, to log onto our development portal to assess whether they are complementary with Kyriba’s offerings.

Kyriba’s Developer Portal may be found at the following address:

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