#Partnership: Sis ID & Isabel Group, working together to fight financial fraud

Isabel Group, Belgium’s leading fintech specializing in simplifying the administrative and financial processes of companies, accounting agencies and banks, and Sis ID, a French fintech that helps companies to fight financial fraud, have announced their partnership.

Isabel Group created the Confiban solution, which enables bank account details to be checked against a company ID.  Confiban ensures reliable control results by mutualizing internal and external data sources.

Why this partnership?

Stemming from requests from customers and partners on both Sis ID’s and Isabel Group’s sides, the partnership meets a need to verify and secure payments by matching an IBAN and a company identifier in Belgium and internationally.

Checks on third-party data had to be carried out manually and were thus more time-consuming. The fraud risk was also greater, leaving more room for human error.

In their quest for continuous improvement and excellence, Sis ID and Isabel Group have joined forces to bring peace of mind and confidence to their Belgian customers or those operating with third parties located in Belgium.

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What are the benefits?

This partnership strengthens the verification coverage of Sis ID services in Belgium and allows future additional security for Isabel Group services.

More precisely, this means for all our customers:

  • A service included in the Sis ID solution, all our customers have access to fast and secure verifications in Belgium.

  • Real-time verification processes.

  • A solution that is easy to use and quick to implement.

  • The Sis ID ecosystem is being expanded to continuously improve the quality of inspection results.

“This partnership, as a customer using the Sis ID solution, responds perfectly to our RIB controls for our subsidiary based in Belgium and for all the banks established in Belgium for our other subsidiaries. In a word, it’s ‘fantastic'”. Jean-Yves Morvan, Head of Third Party Master Data Management for InVivo.

About Isabel Group

Isabel Group connects and simplifies the administrative and financial processes of businesses, accounting agencies and banks. The financial services provider ensures the smooth and reliable exchange of documents, payments and identifications. Some 90,000 companies, 3,600 accounting firms, 250 software partners and 2000 banks work with or are linked to Isabel Group software: Isabel 6, Codabox, Clearfacts, Ponto, Kube, Clearnox and Zoomit. Isabel Group was founded by the four major Belgian banks and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2020. Isabel Group employs 350 experts.

More information on https://www.isabelgroup.eu/en/

About Sis ID

Conceived and created in 2016 by 13 CFOs and treasurers from the CAC 40, Sis ID markets the first digital and collaborative solution to fight bank transfer fraud. With its software solution and the power of its community of more than 38,000 companies that benefit from its services, Sis ID reverses the balance of power with fraudsters. With 50 employees and more than 20 key partners (BNP Paribas, SMA, IBM, etc.), Sis ID is recognized by its customers for its operational excellence and reliability.

By decompartmentalizing useful information in the fight against fraud, Sis ID federates actors to mutualize the detection of malicious acts. Together, we are stronger!

To find out more about Sis ID: www.sis-id.com

Stronger together

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